Redefining digital financial advice

Our goal is to enable people to have financial autonomy in order to make the best possible life choices. To do so, we have built a scalable digital platform that focuses on just that. Financial services providers who use AIRboard benefit from:

Digital is also personal with AIRboard

Many consumers feel alienated by the multitude and complexity of financial services, insurance offerings and investments. The result: procrastination and bad decisions. The AIR platform provides a path to financial self-discovery. Personal economic opportunities are precisely aligned with goals and desires so users can achieve the financial lifestyle they’ve always wanted.

Kundenzentrierung & Effizienzgewinn

In AIRboard, the client’s need for self-determination and decision-making confidence is approached methodically and systemically. The consumer rapidly develops a complete impression of his or her individual “financial lifestyle” – becoming fully capable of making the right decisions. The result: immense customer satisfaction and – from a financial services provider’s point of view – maximum share of wallet per client.

White label service: the AIR platform

Our white label solution is ideal if you want to offer a contemporary digital financial client service under your own brand name. AIRboard is offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) and enables individual integration of your existing infrastructure and corporate identity. To learn more about our platform and services, please contact us.

Horst Schneider

As society modernises, there is a great need for self-determination, transparency and decision-making confidence. Traditional asset-based financial planning that meets these needs is costly and overwhelms the lay consumer. AIRboard provides customers with precise answers to their needs, solves the complexity problem of financial planning and significantly improves your standing with clients.


Horst Schneider
Founder & Managing Director

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