CEO & Founder
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In 2019, Horst Schneider established AIR GmbH after dedicating himself to the development of the AIRboard concept since 2016. The idea was conceived during his tenure in the financial services industry. He recognized the challenges of delivering truly tailored and entirely need-based consumer advice within the intricate landscape of offerings and regulatory requirements. With the introduction of an Abstract Individual Reference Portfolio (AIR), Horst aims to unequivocally ensure that customers and consumers align their overall economic potential with their personal goals to maximize their own benefits.

Before founding AIR, Horst accumulated over 25 years of experience in the retail financial services sector. He embarked on his career with 5 years in insurance sales before transitioning into management consulting for several years, with a focus on marketing, sales, and customer management. Concurrently, he pursued an Executive MBA program. After completing his education, he returned to the financial services industry, specializing in private banking and wealth management. During this period, he also commenced his studies as a financial economist at the European Business School in Östrich Winkel.

He completed his academic career with an MSc in Finance at Danube University Krems/UBC Vancouver. He spent the last 8 years of his employed career as a manager at a large German bancassurance company, most recently in the role of division manager "Market & Innovation".